Frequently Asked Questions

The Event

How does the event work?

For those with both Group and Individual Soundwalk tickets, this event begins and ends at the entrance to Wilson Reserve from Affair Park (at the bottom of the slip road off The Boulevard). For those with Celebration only tickets, this event begins at the area bordering Wilson Reserve and Chelsworth Park (at the end of Irvine Rd) and ends at the boundary of Wilson Reserve at Affair Park. The event opens at 5pm and ends at 9pm at the very latest. Both Group and Individual Soundwalk tickets are specifically timed to ensure minimal waiting times for Soundwalkers. Celebration only ticket holders are encouraged to arrive any time between 5pm and 5:30pm to enjoy a warm drink, mingle with other audience members from our vibrant Banyule community, take in the celebration’s atmosphere, welcome arriving soundwalkers, and peruse items available for purchase provided by some of our Storytellers. Food will begin to be served from 6pm. A Welcome to Country will open the event’s proceedings at 6:30pm. Stories will be told from 6:45pm to ensure that all Soundwalkers should have arrived at the Celebration site by that time. At 8pm, to end the event, those who are willing and able are invited to join a silent group procession, collecting lanterns as they go, back along what was the Individual Soundwalk path. Our shuttle buses will be there to collect you once more and return you to your appropriate stop along our bespoke bus route.

What should I wear?

This outdoor event will run rain or shine (barring any serious weather event), so dress appropriately for the height of Melbourne winter ie.; - Hats - Gloves - Waterproof coats - Warm layers - Comfortable and warm walking shoes/boots that you won't mind getting muddy

What's the warm food and drink?

Food will be provided by Somali Sisters Catering, a local business in Banyule City. The menu, in another effort to reduce our impact on the environment, will be vegetarian and include a range of delicious Somali dishes like sambusas, rice, vegetarian curry, injera bread, pumpkin soup, and a spiced Somali tea to drink. A list of ingredients will be available to help with any food allergy concerns. If you have any concerns regarding dietary restrictions or allergies please contact us at longestnightbanyule@gmail.com.

What should I bring with me?

- Blankets: If you are a celebration only ticket holder, feel free to bring extra blankets for warmth if you think you'll need it. Do not bring blankets with you on the soundwalk.

What shouldn't I bring with me?

Torches will be provided for Soundwalkers so no need to bring your own! Things you should definitely leave at home for the safety and enjoyment of all audience members: - Umbrellas - Alcohol - Cigarettes - Drugs of any kind In an effort to reduce our impact on the local environment we ask that you avoid bringing any single use plastics, disposable warmers of any kind, or pre-packaged food.

Can I bring my dog or pet?

While we love all animals, please leave your dogs and pets at home. Service animals are, of course, otherwise welcome.

What is the policy on taking photos?

We ask that you do not take any photos before and during your Soundwalk so that you can really enjoy the full experience of the artwork. You may take photos at the celebration site. We do ask that you be mindful of the use of flash photography as well as the privacy of others. If taking photos for publication, always seek permission. Please see our FAQ's Press section for more information for members of the Press.

How is the event laid out?

The Soundwalks begin in Affair Park (accessible down the slip road off The Boulevard) and finish at the celebration site near Chelsworth Park (at the end of Irvine Rd). Please see our site map for more information:

Are there toilets?

There are toilets available only at the celebration site at the end of Irvine Rd. Please keep this in mind if you have a Soundwalking ticket. Soundwalkers will have to wait the length of time it takes to arrive on site and complete the Soundwalk before you will have access to a toilet. Relieving yourself prior to your arrival is highly recommended. It is illegal to urinate or defecate anywhere (other than the toilets) within Wilson Reserve or Chelsworth Park!


See our ticket page for complete ticket information

Tickets can be purchased through eventbrite by clicking here.

How much is a ticket for my child?

Group Soundwalk and Celebration Only tickets for children under 16 are free. No children under 16 will be admitted on the Individual Soundwalks (photo ID will be required upon arrival). Due to limited capacity, Under 16s tickets still need to be booked along with those for adults as tickets will need to be presented in order to receive a wristband (and access catering and returning shuttle bus services).

Will I be able to buy tickets at the gate?

Due to the limited number of tickets available, we do not believe there will be tickets left for purchase on the night of the event. Follow us on social media @longestnightbanyule for updates on ticket availability.

Will I be able to leave and return to the event?

You will be given a wristband upon arrival which will ensure you can get food from our caterers and allow you to leave and return if needed. Please note, the short time frame within which the event takes place would make leaving and returning see you miss a lot of good stuff!

Will the event sell out, or have a limit in size?

Tickets for the event are extremely limited. We would recommend booking early to avoid disappointment. The Individual Soundwalk tickets are especially limited with only 18 sessions available.

Can I refund my ticket?

Tickets are refundable if you have symptoms of COVID-19 on the night of the event. In this case, refunds can be arranged through eventbrite and via e-mail until 5pm Saturday the 19th of June. Please let us know via e-mail if you are unable to make it and we will reallocate your ticket via our wait list.

Where does my ticket money go?

Ticket money is used to pay the local businesses, storytellers, and artists participating in the event. This is a completely not for profit event.

Getting there

How do I get there?

Please see our 'Getting There' page on this website

Is there parking?

To limit any impact on the local environment and avoid congestion, we are recommending carpooling and public transport as much as possible. Parking is available but quite limited so please plan accordingly To secure accessible parking please e-mail longestnightbanyule@gmail.com For further accessibility information please see our response to the question 'What kind of facillities do you provide for those in a wheelchair?' in the 'Services and Accessibility' section of this FAQ.

Services and Accessibility

What kind of facilities do you provide for those in a wheelchair?

- Accessible toilets are available at the celebration site in the IOG football club house. - Due to path conditions, only Group Soundwalk tickets are accessible to wheelchair users. - If you require an accessible pickup from one of the provided shuttle buses, please let us know via e-mail so we can ensure the right bus is there for your pick up time. Should you prefer to use your own vehicle, a limited number of accessible parking spaces will be available at both Affair Park and Chelsworth Park, please email us at longestnightbanyule@gmail.com to arrange a space. While this event is an outdoor experience, we are doing everything we can to meet any accessibility needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at longestnightbanyule@gmail.com

What kind of facilities do you provide for those hard of hearing?

All of the events thematic and safety information, as well as all stories told, will be available in print or presented as sur-titles.

The event is on at night! I'm scared! Will there be security there to keep me safe?

Yes! Security will be present at both Affair Park and the celebration site for the duration of the event, provided by Secuirty Concepts. There will also be volunteers along the Soundwalk paths with communication devices should there be any emergency or concern during your Soundwalk.

What about medical emergencies?

Security officers trained in First Aid will be on site, as well as reserved spaces and paths for emergency vehicles. There will also be volunteers along the Soundwalk path with communication devices should there be any medical emergency during your Soundwalk.


What is the Winter Solstice and why are we celebrating it?

A solstice happens when the sun's zenith is at its furthest point from the equator. On the June solstice, it reaches its northernmost point and the Earth’s North Pole tilts directly towards the sun, at about 23.4 degrees. This usually happens somewhere between the 20th and 22nd of June. In Australia, the June solstice is also known as the Winter Solstice; both the shortest day of the year, and the longest night. Throughout all cultures around the globe, the Winter Solstice is celebrated as the optimistic turning point of winter. It marks the time when days begin to get longer and, usually, the weather begins to slowly warm up. It is a time to reflect on the generative power of winter and its long dark nights. It is also a time of optimism and hopeful anticipation of the coming of Spring. At this event, we want to share the different ways the Winter Solstice is celebrated across the cultures and backgrounds represented throughout our diverse Banyule City population. Furthermore, we want to explore the way we feel throughout winter. Winter can be a hard time of year for a lot of people due to the short days and lack of sun. Reminding ourselves to enjoy time outside, to socialise, and to enjoy the benefits of the community around us can alleviate the harshness and darkness of the season.

What is a Soundwalk?

A soundwalk is a mindful practice of close listening developed by Canadian sound artist Hildegard Westerkamp. On a typical soundwalk, a group of participants walk in silence with the intention to discover previously unheard details within familiar soundscapes. A soundscape is the entire audible ‘picture’ of any given environment. Typically, soundwalks take place in and through urban environments - and taking some time in more natural areas. As well as delighting in the sounds of the natural world, coming to terms with human-made sounds and noise is the prime concern of such walks. These soundwalks can effect and alter the way we impact or contribute to the soundscape around us. As Westerkamp says, ‘we are positioned inside the soundscape: like all human beings we are listeners and sound makers in this world and therefore active participants in the creation of our soundscapes. Soundwalking is a practice that wants to bring our existing position-inside-the-soundscape to full consciousness’ (Westerkamp, ‘Soundwalking as Ecological Practice. 2006). The Soundwalk, as a part of this event, is a unique opportunity to experience the sounds and other sensory aspects of Wilson Reserve throughout dusk and evening. For this ‘Soundwalk’ we ask that you focus not only on what is audible, but what you see, smell, touch, and most importantly, emotionally feel as you walk along your paths. You will have your walk introduced by a mysterious guide who will take you to a certain point and tell you a wintery tale before you embark on your soundwalk alone, either with your group or by yourself.

What is a participatory art project?

A participatory art project is an art work and/or art experience in which you, the audience member, are a part of and immersed in the art work. Typically participatory art explores how communities are formed, what communities can do or make together, and what happens at the intersection of art creation and community action. In participatory art, the making of conventional art objects is usually rejected. Here, artists opt to engage audiences through situations which call for interpersonal interaction, thereby facilitating community among participants. These practices have their roots in earlier art movements, namely Dada, Conceptual art, Fluxus, and Allan Kaprow’s “Happenings” (Something Curated website, 2018). Participatory art projects can involve all types of creative mediums. Participatory art may also be known as: community art, relational art, relational aesthetics, social practice, and social artistry.


I am a member of the press. How can I get a complimentary ticket?

We have an extremely limited number of press passes available. Please e-mail us at longestnightbanyule@gmail.com with your credentials to arrange a press pass.


I feel unwell, can I still come?

If you have any of the symptoms of COVID-19, or have been identified as a close contact of anyone who has tested positive, you must stay home and self-isolate.

Will this event be COVID-safe?

The production team are following current goverment regulations to the letter. We are working closely with Banyule council to ensure that everything is arranged and provided for to ensure a safe and enjoyable evening. Hand sanitiser, soap, a QR code to check in, physical distancing, and masks (if necessary), shall all be made available and in use on the night.